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Make the most out of every day with our privacy-first Focus Score® technology.

4 hours. That’s the average time you’ll spend looking at your phone today. With a combination of app restrictions, real time feedback and rewards, you can begin to focus better and accomplish your dreams, just like Opal’s members.

9 4 %

are less distracted

9 3 %

experience increased productivity

9 %

experience improved wellbeing

9 3 %

saved daily thanks to the app

*Based on an internal study using survey data from general Opal customers

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Diagnose your Focus and measure your progress with clear metrics, important context and compare with your peers.


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Real-time evolution

With Focus Score®, check your focus level at any point throughout the day. You will also get a report on your progress every week.


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Take action with Sessions

Opal will remove apps from your phone and desktop while you’re focusing, and you can always take a break to bring them back temporarily.


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Job van der Voort

Co-founder and CEO of Remote, Prev: VP Product Gitlab.

Opal helps you block out apps, notifications, so you can truly focus or simply disconnect. Super important, because remote work means work is always just a glance away. Opal helps increase that distance.

Jeanette Cajide

VP Strategy, Dialexa. Prev: Goldman Sachs.

I’m really passionate about the impact Opal has on the brain. I really feel like people, especially athletes, don’t understand what the word “recovery” means. It’s not about giving your muscles a break. It’s about giving your mind a break too from all the sensory input we deal with on a daily basis.

Kevin Parry

Stop-Motion Animator + Video Wizard

Several people suggested Opal – I tried it out and it does exactly what I need it to do and is much more customizable than Down/Screen Time ? ?

Vaidehi Joshi

Senior Software Engineer at Vimeo

I have been using Opal and it has really made me intentional about how and when I use my phone. I’ll set a 23 hour timer and literally keep my phone in one room in the house so i don’t default to looking at it as a habit (something I did a lot in my first 2 weeks off).

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The Focus CompanyTM

Our mission is to help 1Bn people Focus better day to day, so they can accomplish their dreams. We believe in the power of technology for human progress, productivity and happiness.


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